25 Best Ab Exercises for Women’s Health

25 best abs workout for womens health.jpg

1.  Dead Bug

Dead Bug is a kind of exercise that strengthens the lower and upper abdominal muscles. It also strengthens the midsection. It is done by lying on the floor and takes a deep breath in and put your legs up. Isolated movement of shoulders and hips is taught to develop the coordination in lower back.


2. Plank Exercise

Plank exercise seems to be an easy exercise but it is a not as simple as it looks like. There are alone movements in this exercise and weights are not added at the top of it. Torso is not moved in this exercise at all and this exercise is challenging as it engages the muscles of body. It helps to develop strength in your body like shoulders, gluts and arms.and for best results must read this rowing machine reviews


3. Plank to Push Ups

Plank to pushups exercise keeps the muscles strong and keep them in neutral position. It is a challenge to hold a plank while performing this movement of legs and arms. It engages all the body parts and your legs do the work out.


4. Russian Twists

Russian twists are helpful in the working of lower & upper abdomen movement and entire core becomes strong. This exercise is among the best workout of ab for paddle sports. It also helps body to engage in exercise like paddling. It is done by siting on the floor on knees and place hands at back together and arms are to be kept straight.


5. Bicycle Crunch

This crunch exercise is considered as the best ab workout. According to the study of San Diego State University, there are 13 abdominal exercises that determine the best one among all. The internal and external oblique is ranked for the measurement in rectus abdomen. It gives your abs a defined look. You need to lie flat on a floor on a Yoga mat and place hands at the head and lift your body up and down.


6. Mountain Climber Exercise

Mountain climber is an exercise which weighs the whole body and engages the major muscles of the body which include lower and upper abs. it is also performed with the face pace and it increases your heart rate and your lungs get stronger. To perform this exercise you need to push whole of your body in a position with your hands and a straight line may be formed by your body.

mountain w


7. Cross Body Mountain Climbers

It strengthens your core muscles like abs, back, hips, gluts and lower back. It is done by putting both of your hands at the head and move it up and down.



8. Reverse Crunch

Your lower abs and oblique reduces with this exercise and to do this exercise it is important to keep the legs upward in the air and decrease the fats of the belly and lower abs.


9. Crossed Leg Crunch

This movement makes the legs crossed and put the head up. It helps in reducing the fats from belly and legs as well. Lower abs reduces from such exercise and does not cause any kind of pain in the back. But it reduces fats from belly.you can make All these exercise easy by using best rowing machine reviews

cros leg.jpg




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