How Steve Jobs Started



Steve Jobs was born in 1955 and was an adopted child. He was the son of two fellow students Abdulfattah & Joanne Steve was born in San Francisco. He was adopted by Clara & Paul who were accountant and mechanic. The biological parents married each other after his birth a few months later. He learned technology from his father and started learning from his mom.


He met Steve Wozniak at the school and then he went to college. He was dropped in from creative classes. He had always been creative student and used to think about something innovative all the time. He used to eat meals at the temple and was not interested much in the studies so he got dropped out. After that, he went to India and he then returned to home after trying psychedelics.


He started following Zen Buddhism. He then got his job back in Atari and started made money. He had illegal blue box to get free long calls. After working in there, he realized that he can beat the computer companies as he has this ability to deal with the computer issues and the intellectual about computer system. He attended clubs to inspire Woz to enter in the computer companies.


He started his company “Apple” in garage after getting himself ready for all the challenges. He took help from his sisters and parents. He created Lisa computers for the first time. He named this computer in the name of his daughter Lisa. He sold Apple to Woz and Wayne. He spent about $ 1 on Macintosh to make his own new company in 1984. He got fired from the CEO he appointed and he got really dishearten.


He started a new computer company and he gave his devotion to the Soviet Union and thought to become an astronaut but he was failed in this field. He bought George Lucas computer graphics. He introduced animations of Toy Story and got success in this field and got married with one of his class mate and made their life stable for them. He became the CEO of Apple and sold his animations and computers to different other companies and got much success in this field.



He launched IMac, IPod and other apple phones. He made relations with Disney, Pixar and more other companies and he also met Jony Ive who was his partner at Apple. After his launching of these revolutions, he was diagnosed with cancer but he refuses to have a surgery and he remains alive with it for nine months. He gets a liver transplant for his life and then resigned from Apple. He lived his life for his ambition and made his future as he wanted it to be. He was ambitious for his work and for computers. He kept working until he died. He died in 2011.




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