Built around 800 years ago, Chartres cathedral is designed in Gothic Architecture style. It is located in the midst of town center. The reason it is so popular among many Christian pilgrimages because Chartres Cathedral is said to have the “Sancta Carissa”, the famous tunic or garb, which, according to a legend, Holy Mary wore before giving birth to the Jesus Christ.




The construction of this church was started around the year 1858, and was completed exactly 21 years after the first brick was laid there. There are interesting circumstances behind the construction and idea of this cathedral. Arch bishop Hughes, who was a prominent member of the Church at that time, thought of building a Cathedral that would fully reflect upon the Glory, magnificence and Dignity of the Christian Religion and their church. Before the construction even started, some dignitaries and other inherent bodies opposed the idea by saying that it is way out of the New York City but Hughes claimed that if given time, this cathedral will be at the center of a great city. His assumption became true and after 1 and a half century it stands in the exact center of the New York with its full glory alongside Times Square.



After the first building was destroyed in the Great fire of London, the second construction of the St. Paul’s Cathedral was completed around year 1697. This cathedral was designed by the architect Christopher Wren and is among one of the most prominent and recognizable building in London. St. Paul’s Cathedral is the seat of the Arch-Bishop of London and many children’s books and stories are based on it.

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This Unique structure in Germany claims to be the largest church in the world that nearly took 6 centuries to its full completion. Many builders and architects were commissioned to execute the task of completing the main building but somehow everyone seemed to miss the deadline, the budget, then, had to be re-evaluated, a new deadline given and the construction of this cathedral would start once again. First construction was started about mid 1200s and eventually it was completed in late 1800s. Some of the History professors and other people of the Roman Church show a great deal of amazement in the fact that, during world was 2, it was hit more than 15 times but still standing in its full glory and still is the most visited landmark in Germany.



One of the most recognizable cathedrals in U.K mostly renowned for the burial ground of many world famous writers, poets and artists. Kings, Queens and other members of the prominent British Royal Family are coroneted there for almost 10 centuries now. It is widely believed in British people that famous artists, poets and scientists like, Shakespeare, Newton, Thomas hardy and Jane Austin  are buried there.

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