1.Little things to remember:

Before buying beauty soaps and moisturizers for your face and skin, read the ingredients and research about them beforehand because some chemicals and extracts used in these soaps and beauty products momentarily help with your skin problems but reflect on your beauty very badly on the long run. Aside from that, try to always keep yourself in a pleasant mood. If you worry too much, stress lines start to form on your forehead, jaw line, under the eyes and your entire face which will eventually cause permanent wrinkles. If you are a big fan of grape soda or the similar beverages and energy drinks, make sure that you do not drink through straws because it takes little to no effort in drinking a beverage through straw, except you have to purse your lips to suck out of the straw. Keep you consumption of junk food as little as possible and drink at least 5 to 8 glasses of water every day because dehydration is also the basic reason behind dry skin and wrinkles on your face. Consume as little sugar as possible because it tenses your facial muscles and prematurely ages your skin. Eat green vegetables, citrus fruits, grains and nuts more and more say no to fat burgers and pizzas.


Ears and hands massage: Even though, majority of people give exceptional attention to their face, haircut and body appearance, their face looks young and fresh, they had the latest hair cut just last week and as to their appearance, it looks like something a movie character would wear, but in the process they completely neglect their other body parts like hands, ears and neck. They use the same hands of theirs to massage their other body parts but they do not massage their hands. Same sits true in the case of ears and neck. What they should do is massage their hands, neck and ears with the same lotion, cream and moisturizers that they use to cleanse their face.

3. Eyes:

Majority of people uses make up to hide the dark circles and saggy skin under their eyes but what they do not do and what they should do is bringing regularity in their sleep pattern. Kids today remain up almost all night and got to bed at 2 or 3 in the mornings, using Facebook, twitter, playing games and whatnot on their cell phones and laptops and tablet computers. Limit the use of these gadgets and don’t ever try to massage your eyes with your thumbs and fingers.

4. A long and hot shower after a tiresome day at work can also help with the wrinkles situation.

5.Exfoliate on regular basis to remove the dirt, sweat, body oils and dead cells from your skin.

6. Women cannot be persuaded to avoid using make up at all, but what they can do is remove their makeup when are home from work to reduce the side effects of these make up products.

download (1).jpg
7. Always go out in heat and under the sun-rays if you have applied sunscreen.

images (1).jpg
8.Do not smoke fags and cigarettes.

9.Do not consume alcohol and use it as little as possible.

10. Regularly massage your face to increase the flexibility of your facial muscles.

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