1.Maple syrup:

We use maple syrup on our pan cakes, sandwiches, omelet and other countless edible items. It tastes much better when it is stored on the room temperature and majority of the people prefer it that way, as it is not collected naturally and made on the industrial level, some of the components and ingredients will become crystallized if we are to put maple syrup in the refrigerator. It will take shape of a gooey clotted liquid and people don’t like the taste of a cold maple syrup anyway because it tastes funny.

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2. Herbs:

Herbs and spices are used in the preparation of many food dishes, gravies and bakery items. These herbs are also used in the preparation of medicine. Some people read an article about an herb online and their eyes get wide open when they read about the full medical benefits of that specific herb. And they feel like they have wasted a pretty penny on every other medicine they have tried till now, they think that the solution to every single health problems of theirs is hidden in this herb, they get off of their computer, enthusiastically go to their nearest herbalist, buy that specific herb and put these herbs in the fridge until they can find a proper recipe to prepare a concoction. What they don’t understand is that when they put herbs in a refrigerator, they are basically reducing the nutrients and other characteristics of this herbs for which it is famous for. So, instead of storing your herbs in the refrigerator, what you should do is leave them on the kitchen counter or fill a jar half with water and put your herbs in it. Remember, never ever you should put these herbs in a plastic bag and then tuck them in the refrigerator.

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3.Salad dressings:

some people who have been consuming fast food, junk food, grape soda and energy drinks almost all their entire life and all of a sudden they get conscious about their cholesterol levels, obesity and increased level of body fat, so what they do is they suddenly cut short on all the junk food and energy drinks, start their computer, sit on chair and do some research online. They read an article about weight reducing techniques and the easiest solution they found is eating vegetables and fruit salads, they like this solution most because all it involves is eating, which is their favorite habit, and little to no exercise, they make salads in the morning and then refrigerate it to consume afterwards. What they don’t know is cold temperature reduces the nourishment factor for which they are trying to consume these vegetables in the first place.


4.Raw Fish:

Do not refrigerate raw fish.

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Do not refrigerate cereals.

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6.Dried Fruits, Grains and Nuts:

Do not refrigerate dried fruits, grains and nuts.

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7.Coffee, Spices and Soy Sauce:

Do not refrigerate coffee, spices and soy sauce.



Do not refrigerate pickles.

images (3).jpg

9.Ketchups or Fruit Jams:

Do not refrigerate ketchups or fruit jams.


10.Herbal, Cooking and Processed Oils:

Do not refrigerate herbal, cooking and processed oils.

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