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The mobile phone users who have silent mode active on their phone, get a vibration in case of incoming call or message, Believe it or not but a study has shown that majority of people feel the vibrations on their thighs or back-pocket even if they haven’t got a text message or call, they feel compelled and take out the mobile to check for the message, see an empty notification bar and put the mobile phone back in their pockets. This has started to become a mental issue and a phobia.



Text neck is a rather new term that was coined to describe the whole bending over and slouching your neck down to your phone to read a new text message or look at the screen situation, intentionally or UN-intentionally we all do it. The number of cases reported about neck pain has increased in these past few years.



Nomo phobia or also known as the fear of leaving your house to go the nearest market or any other place without your mobile phone tucked safely in your pocket. Some of you might consider it to be a concoction of fiction and disregard it as mere rumor. But this situation is becoming true with the passage of every day. According to survey done with more than a thousand participants, 66% of these 1000 were in fear of losing their cell phones.



it is not exactly a medical problem, but it is real. Some of us may complain about the sourness or calmness we feel in our fingers. That is because of the excessive use of mobile phones. All the energy we spend and movement of fingers we do while typing a text message doesn’t matter long or short or even playing some game on our phone for a large period of time.



Almost all of us have to hold our mobile phone with both hands and keep it in an upward position to align it at our face level while we are standing on our feet. This posture also causes problems like a tingling sensation or slight numbness in our elbows.



Believe it or not, you can get more germs from your mobile phones than you can while on a toilet seat. After usage of a long day, a greasy residue starts to form up on the screen of your mobile phone and the entire body of phone, a study was done in which closer to 400 phones were used and almost all of them the bacteria and germs were found.



But not the least, eye sight damage is its cause. It is scientifically proven that staring at the bright screen of your mobile phone for longer period of time causes several problems like weak eyesight, the complain of watery fluid coming out of the eyes, complains of pain in the eyes and many more. All these problems may damage our eyes permanently.






1-Le Meurice

Le Meurice is the most expensive restaurant in all over Europe and located in Paris, France. This restaurant is also a design of Alain Ducasse and it is a perfect Michelin restaurant. The walls and the plates of this restaurant are lined with gold. They make the best truffles in all over the world which costs $165 per person. It costs almost $500 per person.


2-Restaurant Pic:

Restaurant Pic is located in Valence, France. The unique thing about it is that it is the only Michelin three star restaurant with a female chef. This restaurant is also as quiet as Solo Per Due but they have more seating tables. The meal here costs $455 per person. Another interesting thing about this restaurant is that their menu hasn’t changed since 19th century.


3-Le Marmite

This restaurant is located in St. Moritz, Switzerland at almost more than 8,000 feet above the ground level. This restaurant offers almost everything made of lobster. The specialty of this restaurant is carrousel. The cost per person here is $370.


4-Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse

Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse is in Monte Carlo, Monaco which is one of the top cities in gambling.  Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse was established by Alain Ducasse. It was awarded by Michelin three stars. The best thing about this restaurant is their service to the customer. It costs $350 per person.


5-Solo Per Due

Solo per Due is in Vacone, Umbria, Italy. This restaurant has some unique qualities like there is only one table with two people serving in the whole restaurant to dine inn. Sometimes people like to go a place where there no noise or any kind of disturbance, so if you have such a taste this place is perfect for you. But it is a bit too much expensive to have food. So if anyone want to go there, one must have $690 in his/her pocket and if you want to have some extra fun and order some wine then you will need more money.


6-Les Airelles

Les Airelles is in Courchevel, France which is a quite wealth town. This restaurant offers a seven dish meal for $342 per person. Some people say it is a much expensive restaurant as it is $342 for just seven dish meal so you can also try the vintage caviar but it isn’t going to cost you much cheaper either.



Noma is the most expensive restaurant of Copenhagen, Denmarkand you will get all the famous dishes of Denmark there which is because of the stubbornness of the chef who like to cook food from Denmark. The specialty of this restaurant is the duck and if you like duck to eat u will be pleased to pay big amount for it here. The rates for per person here is $295.


8-Le Pergola:

 As we all know, there is a rating system for restaurants from one to five but there is also a higher class of it known as Michelin Star System. In Rome the highest rank for restaurants is third rank which is an impressive one. In Le Pergola there is a nine course meal at the cost of $290 for each person. You can also get truffle for $117 additional. There is an awesome view of Rome from the restaurant which free for sure.

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9-Restaurant Paul Bocuse:

It is a three star restaurant and is named after its chef Paul Bocuse, located in Lyon, France. Truffle Soup and The Red Mullet with Potato Scales are the specialties of this restaurant. This truffle soup costs about $117 whereas mullet costs almost $83. U will always find the finest French cuisine in Paul Bocuse.

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10-Sketch Lecture Room and Library:

 It is the most expensive restaurant of England. It was opened in 2002 renovated from a old townhouse into a new restaurant. It is located in the Conduit St. Mayfair, London and costs almost $157 per person that is why mostly rich people of London visit this restaurant.




1.Vaginal Discharge:

It is normal for women to have small amount of clear discharge once or twice a month that is nothing to worry about. Women should be worrying when the appearance of this discharge differs, the frequency of discharge increases or decreases or there is any kind of foul smell or smell, don’t waste a moment and make an appointment with your physician.

2. Unusual bleeding:

Unusual bleeding is the most common symptom of cervical cancer. If a woman is experiencing untimely discharge or vaginal bleeding, should consider visiting their physician as soon as possible. Women that are having menopause or no longer having their periods regularly should also give serious thought to their situation.

3. Leg pain:

Women that are suffering from Cervical Cancer that is still at an early stage, they can show some signs of leg swelling and leg pain, it is because Cervix swelling leads to difficulties in constant blood flow which in turn causes painful, sensation in leg.

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4. Problems in Urination:

If you’re suffering from severe pain while you are in bathroom and feel a painful sensation in your vaginal area while you’re urinating, although, you’re no aware of it at the moment; you might be having cervical cancer. Some women describe it as a stinging or itching condition but it isn’t necessary that all the women would feel the same sensation; it might differ in women of different age groups, ethnicity or even multiple sensations in a woman at the same time.

5. Irregularity in Menstrual cycles:

it is a good thing when women and young girls get their periods with consistency and on regular basis, if you’re late on your monthly period, it might be a sign of cervical cancer and you should consider visiting your physician and discussing the problem with him/her.

6. Irregularity in Urination:

discolored urine like liquid, disturbed urination pattern or the painful sensation in your vaginal areas is all the signs of cervical cancer and women should consider seeking medical assistance.

7. Discomfort during sex:

Discomfort, pain or the itching sensation in your vaginal area during intercourse is another sign of cervical cancer. Some level of pain during intercourse is natural and is nothing to worry about, but when you’re feeling a rather large degree of pain, you should consider getting medical help.

8. Pelvic pain:

Pain in women’s pelvic area due to their menstrual cycle, after pregnancy and during intercourse is fairly normal, but if this pain ails you for larger periods of time, it might be a sign that you have cervical cancer and you should consider consulting your medical practitioner.

9.Loss of weight, fatigue, discomfort:

Loss of weight, fatigue, discomfort, anxiety, social anxiety can be caused by many reasons like more than frequent masturbation, un-orthodox sex practices or simply that you’re not enjoying your life, but these disease may also in your body because you might be having cervical cancer, in which, you might consider getting medical aid.

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10. Back Pain:

Cervical cancer also causes back pain in most women.

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