1.Vaginal Discharge:

It is normal for women to have small amount of clear discharge once or twice a month that is nothing to worry about. Women should be worrying when the appearance of this discharge differs, the frequency of discharge increases or decreases or there is any kind of foul smell or smell, don’t waste a moment and make an appointment with your physician.

2. Unusual bleeding:

Unusual bleeding is the most common symptom of cervical cancer. If a woman is experiencing untimely discharge or vaginal bleeding, should consider visiting their physician as soon as possible. Women that are having menopause or no longer having their periods regularly should also give serious thought to their situation.

3. Leg pain:

Women that are suffering from Cervical Cancer that is still at an early stage, they can show some signs of leg swelling and leg pain, it is because Cervix swelling leads to difficulties in constant blood flow which in turn causes painful, sensation in leg.

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4. Problems in Urination:

If you’re suffering from severe pain while you are in bathroom and feel a painful sensation in your vaginal area while you’re urinating, although, you’re no aware of it at the moment; you might be having cervical cancer. Some women describe it as a stinging or itching condition but it isn’t necessary that all the women would feel the same sensation; it might differ in women of different age groups, ethnicity or even multiple sensations in a woman at the same time.

5. Irregularity in Menstrual cycles:

it is a good thing when women and young girls get their periods with consistency and on regular basis, if you’re late on your monthly period, it might be a sign of cervical cancer and you should consider visiting your physician and discussing the problem with him/her.

6. Irregularity in Urination:

discolored urine like liquid, disturbed urination pattern or the painful sensation in your vaginal areas is all the signs of cervical cancer and women should consider seeking medical assistance.

7. Discomfort during sex:

Discomfort, pain or the itching sensation in your vaginal area during intercourse is another sign of cervical cancer. Some level of pain during intercourse is natural and is nothing to worry about, but when you’re feeling a rather large degree of pain, you should consider getting medical help.

8. Pelvic pain:

Pain in women’s pelvic area due to their menstrual cycle, after pregnancy and during intercourse is fairly normal, but if this pain ails you for larger periods of time, it might be a sign that you have cervical cancer and you should consider consulting your medical practitioner.

9.Loss of weight, fatigue, discomfort:

Loss of weight, fatigue, discomfort, anxiety, social anxiety can be caused by many reasons like more than frequent masturbation, un-orthodox sex practices or simply that you’re not enjoying your life, but these disease may also in your body because you might be having cervical cancer, in which, you might consider getting medical aid.

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10. Back Pain:

Cervical cancer also causes back pain in most women.

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