A new research has been done and according to the results of that research, Body Mass Index or more commonly known as BMI can no longer be considered an effective scale to measure the glucose and cholesterol levels in human body to narrow down and pointing out the risks of cardiac arrest and diabetes and blood sugar problems. This research has also shed the light on the situation that nearly 75 million American people have increased risks of cardiac arrest and other diseases because they are classified and are not diagnosed with their diseases based on their BMI index rating. Even though, many of the doctors suggest that instead of counting calories and measuring food samples and caring too much about our weight and cholesterol, what we should do is, eat healthy, exercise on a regular basis and get a 6 to 7 hours long good night’s sleep. In this study, more than 40,000 individuals had taken part voluntarily and their body mass indexes were studied by researchers. These volunteer’s cholesterol levels, insulin levels, inflammation condition, blood pressure levels, blood sugar levels were also part of the studies. These researchers reached to the conclusion that any individual or body is considered healthy if they have healthy values on more than 4 of the above mentioned health indicators.you should also do exercise for better reselt and for this vist here

There is a strong relationship and relativity between BMI and cardio metabolic health, out of the 40,000 volunteers, more than half individuals were considered overweight and 29% of them were considered in the obesity range and in comparison, they were all cardio metabolically healthy. There is this concept in our society that over-weight condition is like the death sentence to the majority of the people but this concept is completely false. The research has shown that obese people are also ideally healthy. The research has also proven that light-weight doesn’t guarantees a good health. More than 30% of the volunteers in the above mentioned research which were classified in light-weight range were also found to be cardio metabolically unhealthy. So all this research has able to prove that BMI is no longer an effective index and the use of BMI may lead to many problematic conditions and misdiagnosed diseases. Another study that was done in late 2010 and was published in International journal of obesity, suggested that the risks of cardiac diseases in kids can more effectively be predicted if the waist size is used as an indicator instead of the BMI. Another study that was done in early 2014 and published in the journal of pediatric obesity, stated that majority of the kids were not classified as obese based on their BMI levels, even though they were fat and obese on the basis of their high cholesterol levels. This study has clearly proven that BMI is no longer an effective tool anymore when it comes to measuring the cardio metabolic health and other health related processes and functions in our body.


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