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A new research has been done and according to the results of that research, Body Mass Index or more commonly known as BMI can no longer be considered an effective scale to measure the glucose and cholesterol levels in human body to narrow down and pointing out the risks of cardiac arrest and diabetes and blood sugar problems. This research has also shed the light on the situation that nearly 75 million American people have increased risks of cardiac arrest and other diseases because they are classified and are not diagnosed with their diseases based on their BMI index rating. Even though, many of the doctors suggest that instead of counting calories and measuring food samples and caring too much about our weight and cholesterol, what we should do is, eat healthy, exercise on a regular basis and get a 6 to 7 hours long good night’s sleep. In this study, more than 40,000 individuals had taken part voluntarily and their body mass indexes were studied by researchers. These volunteer’s cholesterol levels, insulin levels, inflammation condition, blood pressure levels, blood sugar levels were also part of the studies. These researchers reached to the conclusion that any individual or body is considered healthy if they have healthy values on more than 4 of the above mentioned health should also do exercise for better reselt and for this vist here

There is a strong relationship and relativity between BMI and cardio metabolic health, out of the 40,000 volunteers, more than half individuals were considered overweight and 29% of them were considered in the obesity range and in comparison, they were all cardio metabolically healthy. There is this concept in our society that over-weight condition is like the death sentence to the majority of the people but this concept is completely false. The research has shown that obese people are also ideally healthy. The research has also proven that light-weight doesn’t guarantees a good health. More than 30% of the volunteers in the above mentioned research which were classified in light-weight range were also found to be cardio metabolically unhealthy. So all this research has able to prove that BMI is no longer an effective index and the use of BMI may lead to many problematic conditions and misdiagnosed diseases. Another study that was done in late 2010 and was published in International journal of obesity, suggested that the risks of cardiac diseases in kids can more effectively be predicted if the waist size is used as an indicator instead of the BMI. Another study that was done in early 2014 and published in the journal of pediatric obesity, stated that majority of the kids were not classified as obese based on their BMI levels, even though they were fat and obese on the basis of their high cholesterol levels. This study has clearly proven that BMI is no longer an effective tool anymore when it comes to measuring the cardio metabolic health and other health related processes and functions in our body.




1.Vaginal Discharge:

It is normal for women to have small amount of clear discharge once or twice a month that is nothing to worry about. Women should be worrying when the appearance of this discharge differs, the frequency of discharge increases or decreases or there is any kind of foul smell or smell, don’t waste a moment and make an appointment with your physician.

2. Unusual bleeding:

Unusual bleeding is the most common symptom of cervical cancer. If a woman is experiencing untimely discharge or vaginal bleeding, should consider visiting their physician as soon as possible. Women that are having menopause or no longer having their periods regularly should also give serious thought to their situation.

3. Leg pain:

Women that are suffering from Cervical Cancer that is still at an early stage, they can show some signs of leg swelling and leg pain, it is because Cervix swelling leads to difficulties in constant blood flow which in turn causes painful, sensation in leg.

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4. Problems in Urination:

If you’re suffering from severe pain while you are in bathroom and feel a painful sensation in your vaginal area while you’re urinating, although, you’re no aware of it at the moment; you might be having cervical cancer. Some women describe it as a stinging or itching condition but it isn’t necessary that all the women would feel the same sensation; it might differ in women of different age groups, ethnicity or even multiple sensations in a woman at the same time.

5. Irregularity in Menstrual cycles:

it is a good thing when women and young girls get their periods with consistency and on regular basis, if you’re late on your monthly period, it might be a sign of cervical cancer and you should consider visiting your physician and discussing the problem with him/her.

6. Irregularity in Urination:

discolored urine like liquid, disturbed urination pattern or the painful sensation in your vaginal areas is all the signs of cervical cancer and women should consider seeking medical assistance.

7. Discomfort during sex:

Discomfort, pain or the itching sensation in your vaginal area during intercourse is another sign of cervical cancer. Some level of pain during intercourse is natural and is nothing to worry about, but when you’re feeling a rather large degree of pain, you should consider getting medical help.

8. Pelvic pain:

Pain in women’s pelvic area due to their menstrual cycle, after pregnancy and during intercourse is fairly normal, but if this pain ails you for larger periods of time, it might be a sign that you have cervical cancer and you should consider consulting your medical practitioner.

9.Loss of weight, fatigue, discomfort:

Loss of weight, fatigue, discomfort, anxiety, social anxiety can be caused by many reasons like more than frequent masturbation, un-orthodox sex practices or simply that you’re not enjoying your life, but these disease may also in your body because you might be having cervical cancer, in which, you might consider getting medical aid.

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10. Back Pain:

Cervical cancer also causes back pain in most women.

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1.Maple syrup:

We use maple syrup on our pan cakes, sandwiches, omelet and other countless edible items. It tastes much better when it is stored on the room temperature and majority of the people prefer it that way, as it is not collected naturally and made on the industrial level, some of the components and ingredients will become crystallized if we are to put maple syrup in the refrigerator. It will take shape of a gooey clotted liquid and people don’t like the taste of a cold maple syrup anyway because it tastes funny.

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2. Herbs:

Herbs and spices are used in the preparation of many food dishes, gravies and bakery items. These herbs are also used in the preparation of medicine. Some people read an article about an herb online and their eyes get wide open when they read about the full medical benefits of that specific herb. And they feel like they have wasted a pretty penny on every other medicine they have tried till now, they think that the solution to every single health problems of theirs is hidden in this herb, they get off of their computer, enthusiastically go to their nearest herbalist, buy that specific herb and put these herbs in the fridge until they can find a proper recipe to prepare a concoction. What they don’t understand is that when they put herbs in a refrigerator, they are basically reducing the nutrients and other characteristics of this herbs for which it is famous for. So, instead of storing your herbs in the refrigerator, what you should do is leave them on the kitchen counter or fill a jar half with water and put your herbs in it. Remember, never ever you should put these herbs in a plastic bag and then tuck them in the refrigerator.

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3.Salad dressings:

some people who have been consuming fast food, junk food, grape soda and energy drinks almost all their entire life and all of a sudden they get conscious about their cholesterol levels, obesity and increased level of body fat, so what they do is they suddenly cut short on all the junk food and energy drinks, start their computer, sit on chair and do some research online. They read an article about weight reducing techniques and the easiest solution they found is eating vegetables and fruit salads, they like this solution most because all it involves is eating, which is their favorite habit, and little to no exercise, they make salads in the morning and then refrigerate it to consume afterwards. What they don’t know is cold temperature reduces the nourishment factor for which they are trying to consume these vegetables in the first place.


4.Raw Fish:

Do not refrigerate raw fish.

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Do not refrigerate cereals.

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6.Dried Fruits, Grains and Nuts:

Do not refrigerate dried fruits, grains and nuts.

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7.Coffee, Spices and Soy Sauce:

Do not refrigerate coffee, spices and soy sauce.



Do not refrigerate pickles.

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9.Ketchups or Fruit Jams:

Do not refrigerate ketchups or fruit jams.


10.Herbal, Cooking and Processed Oils:

Do not refrigerate herbal, cooking and processed oils.

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1.Little things to remember:

Before buying beauty soaps and moisturizers for your face and skin, read the ingredients and research about them beforehand because some chemicals and extracts used in these soaps and beauty products momentarily help with your skin problems but reflect on your beauty very badly on the long run. Aside from that, try to always keep yourself in a pleasant mood. If you worry too much, stress lines start to form on your forehead, jaw line, under the eyes and your entire face which will eventually cause permanent wrinkles. If you are a big fan of grape soda or the similar beverages and energy drinks, make sure that you do not drink through straws because it takes little to no effort in drinking a beverage through straw, except you have to purse your lips to suck out of the straw. Keep you consumption of junk food as little as possible and drink at least 5 to 8 glasses of water every day because dehydration is also the basic reason behind dry skin and wrinkles on your face. Consume as little sugar as possible because it tenses your facial muscles and prematurely ages your skin. Eat green vegetables, citrus fruits, grains and nuts more and more say no to fat burgers and pizzas.


Ears and hands massage: Even though, majority of people give exceptional attention to their face, haircut and body appearance, their face looks young and fresh, they had the latest hair cut just last week and as to their appearance, it looks like something a movie character would wear, but in the process they completely neglect their other body parts like hands, ears and neck. They use the same hands of theirs to massage their other body parts but they do not massage their hands. Same sits true in the case of ears and neck. What they should do is massage their hands, neck and ears with the same lotion, cream and moisturizers that they use to cleanse their face.

3. Eyes:

Majority of people uses make up to hide the dark circles and saggy skin under their eyes but what they do not do and what they should do is bringing regularity in their sleep pattern. Kids today remain up almost all night and got to bed at 2 or 3 in the mornings, using Facebook, twitter, playing games and whatnot on their cell phones and laptops and tablet computers. Limit the use of these gadgets and don’t ever try to massage your eyes with your thumbs and fingers.

4. A long and hot shower after a tiresome day at work can also help with the wrinkles situation.

5.Exfoliate on regular basis to remove the dirt, sweat, body oils and dead cells from your skin.

6. Women cannot be persuaded to avoid using make up at all, but what they can do is remove their makeup when are home from work to reduce the side effects of these make up products.

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7. Always go out in heat and under the sun-rays if you have applied sunscreen.

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8.Do not smoke fags and cigarettes.

9.Do not consume alcohol and use it as little as possible.

10. Regularly massage your face to increase the flexibility of your facial muscles.

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Top 10 Magnesium Rich Foods


It has been known that the green vegetables are always healthy and rich in chlorophyll and magnesium but in actual there are foods that have high quantity of magnesium in it and every person would wish to add these foods in their diet plan.

magnesium rich

1.  Spinach

Spinach contains 1 cup which means 157 milligrams magnesium. Spinach is a green vegetable which is a powerful vegetable and should be consumed to get maximum amount of magnesium and other necessary vitamins for the body.

2. Chard

Chord contains 1 cup which means 154 milligrams magnesium. It has iron, potassium, dietary fiber and magnesium in it which helps in the health of person.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain 1/8 cup which means 92 milligrams magnesium. It contains nutrients and other ingredients that are helpful in the good health. It also has anti – oxidants in it and fiber products.


3. Yogurt or Kefir

Yogurt or Kefir contains 1 cup which means 50 milligrams magnesium. Yogurt is helpful in providing good health to the body. It contains zinc and iodine to increase the efficiency of body.


4. Almonds

Almonds contains 1 ounce which means 80 milligrams magnesium. Almonds are very good for health because it has many ingredients that give strength to the hairs and skin and also helpful for the brain and enhances the strength of memory.


5. Black Beans

Black bean contains ½ cups which means it has 60 milligrams. It contains potassium, fiber, cholesterol free and is rich in proteins and can become a great source of providing energy to the body.


6. Avocado

Avocado contains 58 milligrams magnesium which is 1 medium. Avocados have a large amount of magnesium in it and they have also vitamins and pantothenic acid.

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7. Figs

Figs contain ½ cup which means 50 milligrams magnesium. Figs are a great source of getting calcium, potassium, magnesium and also other proteins to get wellness and health.


8. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains 1 square which means 95 milligrams magnesium. Dark chocolate is an important source of getting energy and high content of calcium and magnesium which helps body to become more powerful and healthy.

9. Banana

Bananas contain 1 medium which means 32 milligrams magnesium. Bananas are an important source of vitamins, calcium and dietary fiber. It also has energetic material which helps body to get the maximum of it and becomes helpful in becoming a source of high gain of energy.


25 Best Ab Exercises for Women’s Health

25 best abs workout for womens health.jpg

1.  Dead Bug

Dead Bug is a kind of exercise that strengthens the lower and upper abdominal muscles. It also strengthens the midsection. It is done by lying on the floor and takes a deep breath in and put your legs up. Isolated movement of shoulders and hips is taught to develop the coordination in lower back.


2. Plank Exercise

Plank exercise seems to be an easy exercise but it is a not as simple as it looks like. There are alone movements in this exercise and weights are not added at the top of it. Torso is not moved in this exercise at all and this exercise is challenging as it engages the muscles of body. It helps to develop strength in your body like shoulders, gluts and arms.and for best results must read this rowing machine reviews


3. Plank to Push Ups

Plank to pushups exercise keeps the muscles strong and keep them in neutral position. It is a challenge to hold a plank while performing this movement of legs and arms. It engages all the body parts and your legs do the work out.


4. Russian Twists

Russian twists are helpful in the working of lower & upper abdomen movement and entire core becomes strong. This exercise is among the best workout of ab for paddle sports. It also helps body to engage in exercise like paddling. It is done by siting on the floor on knees and place hands at back together and arms are to be kept straight.


5. Bicycle Crunch

This crunch exercise is considered as the best ab workout. According to the study of San Diego State University, there are 13 abdominal exercises that determine the best one among all. The internal and external oblique is ranked for the measurement in rectus abdomen. It gives your abs a defined look. You need to lie flat on a floor on a Yoga mat and place hands at the head and lift your body up and down.


6. Mountain Climber Exercise

Mountain climber is an exercise which weighs the whole body and engages the major muscles of the body which include lower and upper abs. it is also performed with the face pace and it increases your heart rate and your lungs get stronger. To perform this exercise you need to push whole of your body in a position with your hands and a straight line may be formed by your body.

mountain w


7. Cross Body Mountain Climbers

It strengthens your core muscles like abs, back, hips, gluts and lower back. It is done by putting both of your hands at the head and move it up and down.



8. Reverse Crunch

Your lower abs and oblique reduces with this exercise and to do this exercise it is important to keep the legs upward in the air and decrease the fats of the belly and lower abs.


9. Crossed Leg Crunch

This movement makes the legs crossed and put the head up. It helps in reducing the fats from belly and legs as well. Lower abs reduces from such exercise and does not cause any kind of pain in the back. But it reduces fats from can make All these exercise easy by using best rowing machine reviews

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