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The mobile phone users who have silent mode active on their phone, get a vibration in case of incoming call or message, Believe it or not but a study has shown that majority of people feel the vibrations on their thighs or back-pocket even if they haven’t got a text message or call, they feel compelled and take out the mobile to check for the message, see an empty notification bar and put the mobile phone back in their pockets. This has started to become a mental issue and a phobia.



Text neck is a rather new term that was coined to describe the whole bending over and slouching your neck down to your phone to read a new text message or look at the screen situation, intentionally or UN-intentionally we all do it. The number of cases reported about neck pain has increased in these past few years.



Nomo phobia or also known as the fear of leaving your house to go the nearest market or any other place without your mobile phone tucked safely in your pocket. Some of you might consider it to be a concoction of fiction and disregard it as mere rumor. But this situation is becoming true with the passage of every day. According to survey done with more than a thousand participants, 66% of these 1000 were in fear of losing their cell phones.



it is not exactly a medical problem, but it is real. Some of us may complain about the sourness or calmness we feel in our fingers. That is because of the excessive use of mobile phones. All the energy we spend and movement of fingers we do while typing a text message doesn’t matter long or short or even playing some game on our phone for a large period of time.



Almost all of us have to hold our mobile phone with both hands and keep it in an upward position to align it at our face level while we are standing on our feet. This posture also causes problems like a tingling sensation or slight numbness in our elbows.



Believe it or not, you can get more germs from your mobile phones than you can while on a toilet seat. After usage of a long day, a greasy residue starts to form up on the screen of your mobile phone and the entire body of phone, a study was done in which closer to 400 phones were used and almost all of them the bacteria and germs were found.



But not the least, eye sight damage is its cause. It is scientifically proven that staring at the bright screen of your mobile phone for longer period of time causes several problems like weak eyesight, the complain of watery fluid coming out of the eyes, complains of pain in the eyes and many more. All these problems may damage our eyes permanently.




How Steve Jobs Started



Steve Jobs was born in 1955 and was an adopted child. He was the son of two fellow students Abdulfattah & Joanne Steve was born in San Francisco. He was adopted by Clara & Paul who were accountant and mechanic. The biological parents married each other after his birth a few months later. He learned technology from his father and started learning from his mom.


He met Steve Wozniak at the school and then he went to college. He was dropped in from creative classes. He had always been creative student and used to think about something innovative all the time. He used to eat meals at the temple and was not interested much in the studies so he got dropped out. After that, he went to India and he then returned to home after trying psychedelics.


He started following Zen Buddhism. He then got his job back in Atari and started made money. He had illegal blue box to get free long calls. After working in there, he realized that he can beat the computer companies as he has this ability to deal with the computer issues and the intellectual about computer system. He attended clubs to inspire Woz to enter in the computer companies.


He started his company “Apple” in garage after getting himself ready for all the challenges. He took help from his sisters and parents. He created Lisa computers for the first time. He named this computer in the name of his daughter Lisa. He sold Apple to Woz and Wayne. He spent about $ 1 on Macintosh to make his own new company in 1984. He got fired from the CEO he appointed and he got really dishearten.


He started a new computer company and he gave his devotion to the Soviet Union and thought to become an astronaut but he was failed in this field. He bought George Lucas computer graphics. He introduced animations of Toy Story and got success in this field and got married with one of his class mate and made their life stable for them. He became the CEO of Apple and sold his animations and computers to different other companies and got much success in this field.



He launched IMac, IPod and other apple phones. He made relations with Disney, Pixar and more other companies and he also met Jony Ive who was his partner at Apple. After his launching of these revolutions, he was diagnosed with cancer but he refuses to have a surgery and he remains alive with it for nine months. He gets a liver transplant for his life and then resigned from Apple. He lived his life for his ambition and made his future as he wanted it to be. He was ambitious for his work and for computers. He kept working until he died. He died in 2011.



The History of Technology

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Technology has always been fast as if we see the past and now it is 2016 and a lot of technology changes have been made. In 1947, a digital computer was invented which the world’s first computer was turned on. Then in 1951, Ferranti Mark 1 was released and it was the first computer that was available commercially. In 1956, IBM created IBM 305 and it was the first production hard disk which stored 5 GB data.


In 1964, the basic language of programming was introduced for the first time. In 1969, Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) was created. In 1971, Intel released 4004 which was the first microprocessor on earth. Then in 1975, a big revolution was made by Paul Allen and Bill Gates as they introduced Microsoft, the most famous revolution in technology.


After that in 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak introduced Apple as which also made the technology industry wonder. Two brands were introduced in the two consecutive years. Right after that in 1977, computer debuts were introduced and they were also made available to the people. In 1981, IBM released its first PC which was IBM – Pc and Microsoft also introduced MS – DOS.


They both were going in competition. Internet was born in 1983 and it was the year when ARPANET finally used Internet Protocol. Microsoft Word was also released the same year. The biggest revolution was made in these two years and then from 1984 – 1985, Apple Macintosh was introduced and also Sony made the first computer hard disk that can be replaced by floppy disks.


Symbolic Corporation registered their first .com domain. In 1986 – 1989, IBM introduced the PC Convertible and it was offered to the public for sale. Email transfer was defined by EMAP. Cornell launched the first worm virus and Microsoft office was also released for the first time. Internet became available everywhere in the unrestricted areas as well in 1991 and the access of internet reached to 1 million. In 1993, Intel Microsoft chip Pentium was introduced CERN officially became the World Wide Web.



Google was founded in 1998 and Apple also introduced IMac. Napster was released in 1999. Pyra Labs introduced Blogger. The era of 2000 was also quite advanced for technology. In 2000, Dot Com Bubble was the one who told that this internet thing is nothing at all and then in 2001, Wikipedia came online which is a very quick source of information. Windows XP and Drupal was also introduced by Microsoft.



In 2003, My Space and Word press was introduced and Pyra Blogger was acquires by Google. Mark Zuckerberg introduced Face book and Dustin Moskovitz introduced YouTube in 2005. Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey in 2006 and Magento was launched in 2007. Open Stack was launched by Nasa and Rackspace Hostling. They also took initiative for cloud software in 2010. In 2014, efforts were being made to make the HTMLs more strong so that the features may become more prominent and beautiful.



This is just an example of the history of technology advancements and there are a lot more to go.